Consumer Information

One of the key priorities of The Brewers of Europe and brewers across the EU is to come forward with solutions whereby consumers will be better empowered with the facts to make informed decisions about their drinking and the role that beer may play in their lifestyle.

Over the period of the Beer Pledge this work has also expanded to take in the issue of ingredients and nutrition information where, currently, there is an exemption in EU law for alcoholic beverages to provide such information but where brewers wish to be transparent and feel consumers have a right to know more information. A key part of this process was the public launch of a commitment in March 2015.

Consumer information is however much broader than just ingredients and nutrition information and also goes far beyond the label. The Brewers of Europe feels there is an opportunity through voluntary actions under the Beer Pledge to further empower consumers, including through the increasing use of digital tools.

What thus follows is an overview of some of the activities that have been launched or upgraded over the period of the Pledge, from more traditional, though still very relevant, activities to increase awareness around facts on responsible beer consumption and the effects of alcohol misuse, to those that make use of new technologies.

Of course consumer information is also often part of a broader strategy including campaigns, events and interaction with consumers. The activities covered under this first pillar of the Beer Pledge – on consumer information – thus include websites, digital information tools and point of sale activations including those utilising the products labels. On the other hand, activities that address key areas of concern, such as drink driving, drinking during pregnancy, binge drinking or underage drinking, as part of a broader, more comprehensive approach are addressed within the reporting on the third pillar of the Pledge. Whilst we have endeavoured to avoid unnecessary duplication of reporting, there are however some activities that are touched upon within the reporting on both pillars.

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