Underage drinking

Promoting healthy living over underage drinking

Building on previous underage drinking campaigns supported by the Bulgarian Brewers (UBB), the goal of “Sport is the better way for children to grow up” in Bulgaria is to promote family sport and physical exercises as an alternative to underage drinking and also to encourage parents to motivate teenagers to practice sports. The main target groups are parents and families with teenagers. Since 2012 the campaign has been undertaken in partnership with numerous stakeholders including the Ministry of Physical Education and Sports, the Municipal Daily Centre for Minors and Parents, the Municipality of Sofia, the NGO Solidarnost, the Ministry of labour and Social Policy, Bulgarian National Radio, sports federations and clubs, the National Basketball Federation, the Directorate General of National Police (GDNP), the National Trade Unions’ KNSB Federation Sport and Health, the National Mini Football Association, the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Education, the Agency for Children’s Protection, school parents’ associations and the Beer and Food Trade Union, KNSB. Media partners have included national newspapers, radio broadcasters and one online media.

In 2012:

  • A competition to name the campaign received 304 entries, with the best selected by an expert Jury;
  • Donations were made to Sofia Municipality to maintain sport facilities located in 3 Districts of Sofia;
  • A Family Sports Week with free access to the sports facilities and demonstrations was visited by more than 850 persons, whilst 600 T-shirts and 300 balls were awarded to the most active families in a sports weekend in Sofia;
  • 6,000 copies of the brochure “Sport is the better way for children to grow up” and 5,000 leaflets were published, whilst 32,000 post cards with the slogan, vision and main messages of the campaign were circulated in horeca;
  • Media coverage included over 70 publications, 9 TV news and interviews and 8 radio news/interviews, whilst information about the campaign was hosted on the web sites of UBB and the partners.

In 2013:

  • Free lessons for parents/children in volleyball, gymnastics, capoeira, basketball and zumba were organised every Tuesday afternoon from May to November, with professional coaches hired to take the lessons, whilst a tournament for parents and children (format “mother, father and me”) was run;
  • Advice points were in place at all lessons and events, where psychologists/social workers from partner organisations (skilled in prevention) provided expertise and educational leaflets were made available, with 10, 000 leaflets and other materials distributed over the course of the campaign;
  • Support was given for four public events organised by Sofia Municipality and other organisations to publicise the campaign and educate on sports as a tool against underage drinking;
  • Donations were made to the Municipal Daily Centre and Solidarnost NGO to support their activities with minors and parents, to Sofia Municipality to maintain sport facilities and to the Bulgarian National Basketball Federation to promote the campaign as an alternative to underage drinking;
  • Altogether over 1,900 people participated in the activities of the campaign;
  • A press conference including representatives of all the partners was attended by over 35 journalists and two radio clips on the campaign were broadcast by the Bulgarian National Radio (BNR). In total over 80 media broadcasts were published and the audio clips (via the BNR) reached over 3 million Bulgarians.

In 2014:

  • Due to the partnership network, about 5,000 people (parents with children) participated in the following activities from May to December 2014: Training and sports lessons in curative gymnastics; martial arts for parents and children; Mini Football tournaments; Street basketball tournaments in Sofia and Rousse; Three sports field events for teachers/school authorities and parents in Varna; Training in prevention practices, sports games and animation in Montana, Stara Zagora, Bourgas and Sofia; Basketball tournament in the Professional High School for Economics and Management in Rousse; Four sports events organised by Sofia Municipality;
  • As in previous years, at the events were established info points, distributing special leaflets prepared by the experts, with 5,000 brochures produced for parents and 1,500 educational leaflets;
  • In September 2014 UBB supported the International Medical Conference on Alcohol Addiction, carried out in Sofia, where the programme was also promoted;
  • UBB continued to make donations to Sofia Municipality to maintain sports facilities;
  • UBB organised a public photo competition inspired by the message “Sport is the better way children to grow up” on a specially created UBB FB application. All interested people aged 18+ hosted over 348 pictures and 11,300 people visited the site. During the photo contest 63 participants received promo sports gifts and brochures and two winners were awarded with a mountain bike and tennis equipment at a UBB press conference;
  • UBB promoted the campaign with a special video broadcast in Sofia Metro stations. During the year were circulated press releases to announce the forthcoming initiatives and campaign results. In November 2014 UBB performed a press conference with the partners and members of UBB Board to announce the results of UBB prevention campaign and the winners of the Photo contest;
  • According to omnibus research by IPSOS, 18% (921,284 Bulgarians) aged 18+ are aware of the campaign;
  • There were around 100 media publications, whilst there were 66,000 broadcasts of the video on metro screens.

In 2015:

  • The new roll-out of the campaign was launched in April with an educational sports camp for the best teams of the Children Police Academy (CPA). Together with 5 Regional Departments of the National Police, a 3-day workshop workshop was performed for police officers, pupils and teachers in the National Youth Centre, with a broad range of activities, sports, educational training and the distribution of prevention packs to all participants;
  • A Manual for educational work with Children’s Police Departments was written by experts of the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Education, Agency for Children’s Protection and other official institutions and 300 print copies made available for distribution in 2016 to all regional police offices countrywide;
  • Four sports events were organised, with medals, promo gifts, leaflets and brochures given to the participants;
  • Together with the sports club of a very famous volleyball player (an ambassador of the campaign and founder of the “Sport, prevention and health” association) were organised “open days” for health-fit gymnastics and volleyball demos for parents and children, with demonstration physical activities to promote sports versus underage drinking performed in park areas and sports fields of Sofia;
  • UBB was involved in the Sofia Municipality project to encourage youth volunteer work in favour of the community and a healthy lifestyle, supporting the “Equal Dance” project targeted at youngsters at risk, with educational workshops and street dance events performed mainly in the city of Varna;
  • In September 2015 for the first time UBB initiated special initiatives dedicated to the Global Beer Responsibility Day (GBRD). In partnership with the team of the Sofia Municipality Centre for Addictions (PIC,Sofia) was organised a workshop with representatives of different official institutions involved in minors’ education, behaviour and prevention of addictions. The event was attended by nearly 60 experts in youth behaviour, health and prevention, medical doctors and teachers;
  • In partnership with the Beer and Food Trade Union, KNSB, were organised two days of workers’ sports games and a workshop on brewers’ CSR practices, with a tournament under the slogan “Sport is the better way children to grow up”, where a further 200 brochures, leaflets and branded gifts were handed out;
  • UBB continued to support and donate to municipal sports facilities, the Municipal Daily Centre for parents and children, PIC, Sofia and the “Solidarnost” NGO;
  • To communicate the campaign a radio promo spot “Sport is the better way for children to grow up” was broadcast by BTV radio and Magic radio, 4,000 new leaflets were published and about 5,000 prevention brochures distributed;
  • In total in 2015 over 6 ,000 people participated in the activities of the campaign;
  • In comparison with 2014, many more people were aware of the campaign, with 24% (1,252,000 Bulgarians) aged 18+ aware of the campaign according to a nationally representative omnibus survey by IPSOS.

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