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Other campaigns to discourage underage drinking

In the UK the latest phase of the Parents’ campaign, run by The Drinkaware Trust, which receives funding from UK Brewers went live in 2013. Parents are the single biggest influence on a child’s attitude towards alcohol and this campaign encourages them to talk to their children about alcohol before they start drinking and supports them to maintain a dialogue. It also helps them understand the critical influence of their own drinking and attitudes towards alcohol on their children. Drinking alcohol at too young an age puts children at risk. This might be poor educational performance, risky sexual behaviour, or engaging in criminal activity. Delaying the age at which children consume alcohol can have a significant impact and parents have a key role in shaping both their attitudes and behaviour. This campaign highlights the risks of children drinking underage and discourages parents from providing alcohol. The campaign ran online, on local radio and on posters across the country and was supported heavily by industry stakeholders.

drinking underage and discourages


The Danish Brewers in 2012 supported a new and innovative activity targeted specifically at minors managing the celebrations around their confirmation and entering into adulthood. Together with the NGO Nightravens, municipalities and organisation Blue Monday, people can access the Blue Monday App through a QR (Quick Response) code and are confronted with the following messages: Blue Monday should be celebrated by minors without any alcohol at all; Other minors debut later than you think; Don’t drink if you are a minor. The Blue Monday App is promoted to minors in the four biggest Danish cities in the spring and in the autumn. At these times teenagers are celebrating that they have confirmed their beliefs in Christianity. This tradition is divided between family parties and youth activities, the following Monday being called Blue Monday.

Blue Monday App


In Lithuania the Brewers’ Guild continued its campaign against underage drinking – www.aludariai.lt/lt/socialine-atsakomybe – where a famous Lithuanian basketball player asked adults not to buy alcohol for underage. This built on a survey that showed that a majority of underage answered that adults bought alcohol for them. Faces from other phases of the campaign were the highest ranked Lithuanian tennis player and a famous DJ. The campaign appeared on top news portals, outdoor billboards and newspapers, whilst an 18+ sign appeared on over two million beer bottle caps throughout the duration of the campaign. According to research, 75.5% of target group respondents have seen at least one of the TV commercials.

campaign against underage drinking  campaign against underage drinking  campaign against underage drinking


In the Netherlands, a regional multi stakeholder radio program supported by the Grolsch brewery for the 14 municipalities of Twente was conducted in 2012 and aimed at reducing underage drinking. The program was supported by the individual municipalities, Ministries of Health and Justice, the police and the on- and off- trade associations. EMOVO monitoring during the campaign showed a reduction in the numbers of underage drinking and a reduction in binge drinking by youth from Twente.

Also in the Netherlands, Heineken Nederland supported a program to raise awareness about responsible consumption of alcohol in sports canteens, typically attended by customers both under and over the legal drinking age (LDA). It was undertaken in partnership with the Dutch Olympic Committee / Dutch Sports Federations NOC*NSF. In the first phase, an orientation-night was organised, where invitees were committees and volunteers involved with sports canteens in Brabant-province. The focus was on themes such as youth and alcohol; the role of alcohol in canteens; and the legal drinking age. The event was introduced by (former) Olympians Minke Booy and Margot van Geffen and the debate initiated by actors portraying typically difficult situations. In the second phase in May 2015, Heineken Nederland’s “Blijf Helder” (“Stay Clear”) campaign was launched. Sports clubs are invited to join the campaign through their sports federation (football, hockey, tennis and korfball). The best club (determined by mystery visits) won sports related prizes: tickets to sports events, clinics by sports professionals, goodies or a trip for two to the 2016 Summer Olympics in Brazil. As part of the launch a full page advertisement about preventing underage drinking was published in the four major Dutch national newspapers and the main regional newspapers. In 2015, the advertisements reached 70% of the Dutch population above 18 years old. Heineken Nederland also signed a pledge, with a focus on the “Stay Clear” campaign with the Dutch Olympic Committee, in support of a national prevention program “Everything is Health” started by the Ministry of Health and several other Ministries. The aim is to emphasise the importance of prevention, in order to make The Netherlands a healthier country and parties (an NGO, a local government, a health institution or a company) can support the program by making a pledge.

Everything is Health  Everything is Health  Everything is Health

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