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Alcohol addiction

The Beer Pledge process has also uncovered the extent of brewers’ involvement in supporting NGOs supporting people with problems of addiction, including alcoholism. Here below thus follows some examples of the initiatives supported by brewing companies across the European Union in this arera.

Support to addiction charities


Heineken in Romania has a partnership with The Alliance for Fighting against Alcoholism and Substance Addictions (ALIAT), the main NGO for services in terms of substance addictions. This led to a website – www.alcohelp.ro – the first Romanian on-line counselling and e-health intervention platform for people with problematic alcohol consumption.

problematic alcohol consumption


Heineken also has a partnership with Addaction, the UK’s leading drug and alcohol treatment charity. Every year, Addaction helps 50,000 people in England and Scotland to recover from substance misuse problems, rebuild relationships and go on to live fulfilling and meaningful lives. Working in partnership, Heineken supports new and innovative Addaction projects that encourage responsible alcohol consumption and reduces the harm caused by alcohol misuse. In the period 2013-2014 the company funded and supported projects, including:-

A specialist alcohol service for young adults in Brent (2011 – 2014). The project aims to reduce or stop young adults’ alcohol use by addressing underlying problems, and increasing their knowledge and awareness of alcohol issues to help them make safer choices. It works in partnership with the police and probation services to proactively engage young adults into support whilst maintaining impartiality to encourage take up.

Act for Addaction: A fundraising and volunteering campaign (2014).The campaign, for the first time, actively involved Heineken employees from across the UK in the partnership with Addaction. Over 370 employees were involved in fundraising and volunteering activities across the summer from refurbishing Addaction service buildings to pro-bono Marketing support. In addition, Act for Addaction delivered significant unrestricted funding for the charity, as well as increasing colleagues’ understanding of alcohol misuse and the company’s approach to advocating responsible consumption. In May 2014, to launch “Act for Addaction”, the Heineken UK Management Team participated in a “Seeing is Believing” activity at Addaction’s service in Brent, North London, meeting with service users in active recovery. The Prince’s Trust “Seeing is Believing” was started in 1990 and engages senior business leaders on responsible leadership, to show them what actions they can take within their companies to improve their impact on society.


In Ireland, “The Alcohol Addiction Aftercare Pilot Programme” is a strategic high value targeted intervention program founded in 2012, by the Simon Communities of Ireland in Cork. It is the only program of its kind available to people experiencing homelessness in Cork. It provides aftercare support for people who have completed treatment for alcohol addiction issues and who would otherwise have to return to emergency homeless services or find themselves homeless post treatment. The program is providing a framework where the aftercare residents are participating in structured training and employment programs and consequently accelerating their progress reintegrating into the community.

Concrete outputs to date in Ireland include: Increased treatment referrals, with 2013 seeing a 50% increase in the number of residents who have been referred into treatment compared to 2012; Successful Program Engagement with over 20 people engaged with the program in its first year of operation; A concise directory of all treatment services and centres across the country serving as a primary information source for both staff and service users; and training with more than 60% of staff at Cork Simon, having attended internal Alcohol Awareness Training, including a Certificate in Addiction Counselling Theory and Intervention Skills.

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