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Addressing binge drinking - Websites and digital tools

Websites and digital tools


In Spain,Un Dedo De Espuma Dos Desdos De Frente (“A thick head on your beer but not on your shoulders”) is an annual social awareness campaign from the Spanish Brewers which aims to persuade young adults (18-30 years) to drink beer only in moderate quantities and enjoy the social occasion involved. The campaign has been run in co-operation with the Ministry of Agriculture, Spanish Consumers and Users Confederation (CECU), the Union of Consumer (UCE-UCA), Regional Governments, IEC, CdC, Leon and Sevilla City Halls, the European Institute of Design (IED) and Club of Creatives (C de C). When the campaign first started, established designers produced the materials but, since 2003, a competition for young students has provided the creativity for the campaign.

Since 2012, the campaign’s message has been further enhanced by an interactive digital youth poll to discover the drivers of consumption, with a reward offered as an incentive to participate.There was a continued use of digital communication platforms (e.g. social networking sites, etc.) and a micro-statement competition started through Twitter. In 2013, the image of the campaign was renewed with emphasis on the use of social media in order to keep connected with the public, including: graphic (pinterest and instagram), writing (twitter) and audiovisual (youtube). The winning image, with the campaign messages, were distributed to the university bars all around Spain via
200,000 placemats and cover snacks.

Un Dedo De Espuma Dos Desdos De Frente

In 2014, the creative competition, was promoted with a youtuber (Zorman) and instagramer (@Kainxs) with many followers: Zorman’s video (Youtuber with more than 275,000 followers) had around 102,152 views and 3,885 likes. 325 comments were made in the campaign platform. @kainxsinstagramer’s video (126,000 followers) received more than 2,266 likes and 110 comments in the first two weeks. Six thousand information materials were distributed in nearly 150 colleges and schools throughout the country. There have been 56 media impacts, with a further 3,383 in social media. The creative competition concluded with more than 1,200 proposals, a 10% increase in micro-statements when compared to the previous year and a high level of activity on Youtube (around 83,000 subscribers) in the audiovisual category.

In 2015, the Spanish Brewers involved 12 digital influencers on the main social networks (the number of followers is the figure at the time of the campaign). OnYouTube the influencers were Desiré Delgado (13,173 followers), Diego Galilea (40,692) and La chica del andén (125,207). On Instagram, Daniel Rueda (41,946 followers), Anna Salvador (62,000) and The hanging plants (62,500) got involved. On Facebook the digital influencers were La Chica del Andénagain (7,536 followers), Julian Marinov(12,235) and Hugo Gómez (108,523). Whilst on Twitter, Karli Gavaldá (15,989 followers), La chica del andénonce more (8,268) and Lyona Ivanova (16,200) all got involved.


In Hungary, Dreher runs a program that aims to initiate dialogue on responsible alcohol consumption among Hungarian adults, the government and NGOs by providing information and tools to facilitate and support the dialogue. With a website –www.alkohol.info.hu – at its core, between April 2012 and March 2013 the campaign was promoted by the world champion motorcyclist Talmácsi Gábor. In 2012, there were 55,712 visitors to the webpage www.alkohol.info.hu giving information about responsible consumption. By mid 2013, 86 per cent of the 600 employees had been given this special education and training. The evaluation sheets they filled in at the end of the training courses show that they had been given useful information and ideas. In recognition of this success Dreher breweries received the Best CSR solution of 2013 award.


In April 2012 the Finnish Brewers launched a new website – www.kohtuullisesti.fi – to create awareness about responsible consumption. The website, where 18-30 year olds can define their own alcohol consumption, follows in the footsteps of the award-winning “Drunk, you’re a fool” campaign and seeks to both spark debate about the still prevailing culture of drunkenness in Finland and encourage every consumer to evaluate their own consumption. The Finnish Brewers’ “Drunk, you’re a fool” campaign had some success in changing people’s attitudes to and acceptance of binge drinking. “Kohtuullisesti” is loosely translated as “moderately” or “responsibly”. Its aim is to make people think and provide tools for them to estimate what is moderate consumption and what is not. The website provides a forum in which moderate alcohol consumption can be discussed frankly. It seeks to spark off debate about Finland’s still prevailing culture of binge drinking, and also to encourage consumers to evaluate and moderate their own alcohol consumption. In 2014, new videos on moderate alcohol consumption wereadded to the site. This was the first of a wider series of videos that explain moderation and when alcohol can be consumed and when it cannot. This is done through a series of interviews. According to the interviewees moderate alcohol consumption does not interfere with life, relationships, or their own well-being. One says that “you have to remember what you have done, and not to make a fool of yourself”. Videos from the campaign have been viewed more than 7,000 times on YouTube.


A purchasing and consumption behaviour survey of Finnish consumers of mild alcoholic beverages and soft drinks was carried out by Taloustutkimus in March 2014. The study was commissioned by the Finnish Federation of the Brewing and Soft Drinks Industry and 1,023 people responded to the survey from an Internet panel. The results were weighted to match the Finnish adult population by age, sex and large area. This showed that the majority of Finns consume alcohol in moderation.

In September 2015, on Global Beer Responsibility Day in Finland, Sinebrychoff posted responsibility themed Facebook posts on two of the biggest beer brand pages, Karhu and KOFF. With those two postings over 138,000 people were reached, with 1500 likes.


“Serial Buveur, Social Loseur” is a website set up by Entreprise & Prévention, the social aspects organisation supported, amongst others, by French brewers in France to warn 18-25 year olds about the dangers of “binge drinking” and its impact on social networks. The program builds on the knowledge that in order to motivate young people to control their drinking, it is not the risk to health, but rather the impact on their image and reputation in social networks. The website relates the misadventures of a young man (Antoine) who doesn’t notice the impact of binge drinking on his health and social life. The user watches Antoine’s evening unfold. He gradually loses all credibility with his friends, classmates and prospective employers. He loses control of his actions and his virtual image when proof of his drunkenness is published on social networks through the “posts”and comments from friends. Responsible drinking messages are shown throughout the story and the user is prompted to compare their alcohol consumption to other visitors via a set of questions/answers. The site is supported by an advertising campaign on Facebook. At the end of 2014, a version for mobile phones was launched. By December 2014, over 5 million people had been reached through Facebook and the website had 80,000 visits.

Social Loseur

“Ce Soir Il Conclut” is another initiative created by Entreprise & Prévention to enable the identification and awareness of situations and risky behaviours related to alcohol abuse especially in the target audience (18-25 year olds). It is undertaken in partnership with Ninth Pole Media (Start up/production company and creator of “Make your Mind up Clement!”) and Interaction Healthcare (specialist in interactive health entertainment). The serious game combines web-series and arcade game styles and builds on the highly popular “Make your mind up Clement” video series. 100 mini-video footages were written, shot and assembled corresponding to the different possible combinations of actions / reactions that depend directly upon the amount of alcohol drunk by Clement. Users have to help Clement by raising his attractiveness rating (attractometer) which decreases in proportion to the number of drinks he’s had (drunkometer). It shows “warning” messages at certain levels (simple and clear consumption benchmarks as recommended by public health organisations) along with precise information on the physiological effects and risks associated with different levels of alcohol consumption. At the end of the game players are asked to answer a questionnaire (they may win an iPad in doing so) in order to provide more qualitative information like shares with friends and knowledge of drinking levels. More information on responsible drinking can be found on the site’s “For your next evening” page which also provides advice on how to organise an evening in a responsible way. In order to stir up curiosity in potential players teaser content was posted onto the webpage every day for 10 days before the launch and targeted advertising took place on relevant sites like Dailymotion, blogs addressing the themes of the game, student blogs etc. The game also has Facebook and Twitter accounts. Up to December 2014: The game was played 100,000 times, the ad on dailymotion was seen over 420,000 times, the various videos were seen over 24,000 times and the Facebook page had over 12,000 “likes”.

Ce Soir Il Conclut

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