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Addressing binge drinking - Promoting responsible drinking activities at events and festivals

Promoting responsible drinking activities at events and festivals


In 2012 PlenskyPrazdroj, in cooperation with SANANIM NGO, extended its digital tools promoting responsible drinking by introducing the K-LEE-DECK Chill-Out Zone to summer festivals in the Czech Republic. A branded stand is used at summer festivals to highlight responsible drinking and the phone application, as well as carry out breath tests to check the BAC level using a professional tester. Over 4,000 breath tests were carried out and over 10,000 disposable breath analyzers distributed. In 2013, the European CSR Award publically recognised the part of the program aimed at preventing irresponsible drinking at music festivals. An independent jury of experts from NGOs, government and industry award edit second place, in front of 34 other projects from 27 large companies. Over 200,000 visitors used the services of the chil-out-zone in 19 music festivals during the year. In 2015, 8530 people were reached on Facebook and 5894 people engaged.


In 2013 in Austria, at the biggest Heineken event (Electric Love Festival in Salzburg) the “Dance More, Drink slow” campaign was activated. The campaign, using music and the support of the deejay, encourages people to drink less and slower.

Dance More, Drink slow


The Festival survival guide produced by MEAS (the Social Aspects Organisation supported by producers, including Irish brewers) is a campaign designed to offer practical advice about how to enjoy a festival safely. It is undertaken in partnership with: An Gardaí Siochána; Phantom 105.2; Cherry Cool Promotions; The Star newspaper; Pigsback. com (commercial website); Hotpress (music magazine); MCD Promotions and POD Event Promotions. It is promoted through outdoor, radio, press and internet advertising, and since 2011 via the Hotpress and Pigsback websites as well as the drinkaware website. The guides, which are aimed at music fans attending summer festivals in Ireland, offer practical advice such as using public transport to and from festivals where possible or designating a non-drinking driver. The guide also contains festival and music gig ticket giveaways. In partnership with Hotpress Magazine MEAS delivered a ‘virtual’ presence at 8 Festivals in summer 2013. This partnership covered a broad range of activity – onsite, online and in print. The central activity was the Hotpress/drinkaware.ie ‘Be on the Cover’ competition: this involved festival goers having their photo taken with a drinkaware.ie branded cover. Engagement was very positive and has resulted in 5,274 on site person to person engagements and 45,148 viewers of the ‘Be on the Cover’ gallery. Those serving at festivals were encouraged to undertake training in responsible serving via the RSA or ServeAware programme, depending on their role as server. 1500 users have registered to ServeAware to date.


In Italy, Heineken Italia supports an initiative with the aim of emphasising the dangers connected with alcohol misuse / abuse and creating dialogue occasions to promote key messages on responsible consumption. The program partners with an NGO (MovimentoConsumatori) (Consumer Movement) and conforms with the wider range of activities carried out by Assobirra (The Italian Brewers Association). The concept involves a quiz with questions about alcohol posed on a pack of scratch cards. Scratching the card reveals which of the possible answers is correct. Correctly answered questions are rewarded with a breathalyser. A team of 8 specialized “social workers” approach people at special events asking them to take a card and answer the question. Dialogue follows giving the team the opportunity to explain the “Heineken Responsible Consumption key messages” and direct people to the Assobirra website. In 2012 and 2013, four events were organised: the Heineken Jammin’ Festival in 2012, Mondo Ichnusa in Milan in 2012 and in Sardinia in 2012 and 2013. During 2014, there were two waves: in Milan nightlife areas in June 2014 (during the most important FIFA World Cup football matches) and during Mondo Ichnusa (music festival sponsored by a local brand) in Sardinia in July 2014. Between 2011 and 2014, more than 70,500 scratch cards and 14,550 disposable breathalyzers were distributed. Over the years the campaign reached many more people due to the widespread media coverage.During 2015, there was one wave during Mondo Ichnusa in Sardinia in July, involving people, consumers and artists.


As part of the Belgian version of the Heineken “Know the Signs” campaign, in 2013 (June – September) teams visited festivals where beer was served to spread the “Drink moderately & Don ́t drink and drive” messages to people aged 18 to 40. The campaign was organised by Alken Maes with the Province of Limburg and major festival promoters.


“Drink with Respect” in Denmark is an umbrella campaign / tag line under which all future Tuborg initiatives are to be collected. This initiative has led the previously sporadically arranged responsible drinking initiatives. During development of the concept the serious nature of the subject was recognised but it was considered important that the communication was developed in a Danish and approachable manner. The Drink with Respect tagline reflects what responsible drinking is essentially about: having a good time while respecting yourself, the people you are with, the moments you share and the good memories you take with you. The campaign was launched at Northern Europe’s largest festival, Roskilde Festival. It continued at other events such as Green Concert, the popular annually recurring series of Danish music festivals. The tagline “Drink with Respect” also appears as a moderation line on packaging and other material. The campaign is aimed at educating and informing consumers about making the right choice and promoting a responsible drinking culture. The moderation line has been developed on the basis of the Tuborg “clockman” shape to stand alone but with the opportunity to build it into a tactical sentence for relevant occasions – spanning from more serious to humoristic pay offs. In 2014, the activity continued at the Roskilde Festival, GrønKoncert, Nibe Festival, North Side, Bornholm and at university grounds in Copenhagen. In 2013, 135,000 festival-lovers gathered at the annual Roskilde festival. In 2014, 131,000 festival-lovers were present.

Drink with Respect


Carlsberg in Sweden has an activity designed to encourage people to drink a bottle of water in between every beer. Free bottles of Ramlösa water were given out at major events throughout Sweden. The bottles carried tag lines such as “Not only will we quench your thirst, we will help you enjoy the moment without regretting anything tomorrow”. The goal of the “Every Other” campaign was to encourage responsible drinking. In 2014, promotions took place in 2 different cities in Sweden where students were offered free water on exam day. The same concept was also rolled out with many Festival partners during the summer of 2014 in cooperation with Falcon Beer (a local Swedish power brand). Falcon Beer has developed a slogan ”Rockamåttfulltoch med ansvar/ rock with modesty and responsibility”. Additionally, local initiatives have also been promoted with a local supermarket chain, ICA Maxi, in two different cities.


In Finland, responsible consumption messages are shown as part of sponsorship activities of one of the most wellknown Ice-hockey teams in Finland, HIFK. The banners for the beer brand KOFF at the ice rink of the HIFK home arena are updated to promote responsible drinking. The banners are clearly visible in the arena with the message “Korkkaakohtuudella”, which stands for moderate consumption. In 2015, around 100000 people were reached on premise and additionally on nationwide TV-coverage on sports related news broadcast.



Carlsberg used its sponsorship of the Euro 2012 football championships to deliver the responsible drinking message, brand ambassadors either handing out responsible drinking wristbands or collecting pledges to responsible drinking from 375 000 fans in Poland and Ukraine. The message was carried on advertising around the pitches for the 31 matches and on plastic cups and displays at the fan parks visited by 6.6 million people during the tournament.

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