Excessive consumption

Addressing binge drinking

Tackling binge drinking is as much a question of reducing the appeal of excessive and inappropriate consumption as it is a matter of promoting responsible consumption of beer.

In this area, brewers have supported a number of different campaigns, targeting regular consumption occasions but also specific activities around the nightlife and festivals, noting that these are often attended by young adults and binge drinking (or heavy episodic drinking as it is referred to in the CNAPA Action Plan) is a phenomenon that occurs most frequently amongst young adults over the legal purchasing age.

The initiatives include multimedia campaigns but also initiatives utilising the power and impact of digital and social media. There is furthermore interesting growth in the beer category with regard to non- and lower- alcohol beers, which allow consumers to continue drinking beer, whilst reducing the speed of their alcohol intake. In that regard it must also be recalled that beer itself, amongst alcoholic beverages, is a relatively low alcohol product.


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