Drink Driving

Utilising the workplace as a platform for tackling drink driving

The workplace is obviously a key area for delivering messages around drink driving and brewing companies have a particular duty of care towards their employees. Many companies have therefore run specific programs within the companies to educate their employees and also develop strict company policies in relation to drink driving.


In December 2015 Carlsberg UK initiated an internal campaign, where posters aimed at spreading awareness about the dangers of drink driving were displayed amongst the workforce. The objectives were to increase awareness of drink driving and the dangers of irresponsible alcohol consumption amongst Carlsberg UK employees during the festive period, when peoples’ social calendars are notoriously busy. With Carlsberg UK employees as the target the key message was “Don’t drink and drive – nominate a designated driver”. Posters were put up at every UK site whilst messaging also appeared on all TV screens (27) across the company, and in the internal employee magazine ‘Cheers’.

social calendars are notoriously busy  social calendars are notoriously busy


In Greece Athenian Brewery used World Safety Day on April 28th 2013 as a major stepping stone for the activation of “Road Safety First!” with the aim to create awareness about the importance of road safety, engage all employees, trigger participation in the activities and create ownership, and make people experience for themselves the importance of road safety. On Road Safety Day in 2014 and 2015, a driving simulator that simulates reactions after consuming too much alcohol was made available for Athenian Brewery employees. The simulator was previously the feature of road shows organised in co-operation with “Nifalii-stin Igia mas” in major cities across Greece where residents were encouraged to take the driver’s seat and feel the impact alcohol misuse can have on driving ability. The campaign engaged all employees and external stakeholders: Trainers from the third party Road Safety Institute; Online communities and consumers (via social media); and Media. The aim was to create awareness about the importance of road safety, engage all employees, trigger participation in the activities and create ownership, and make them experience for themselves the importance of road safety. In total, the campaign consisted of 16 activities designed to give substance to the “Road Safety Experience”, including: Branding across all premises, an internal competition, Road Safety interactive training, Driving Simulations, educational video games about drink & driving, e-learning courses, weekly Tips on Road Safety, social media, press release distribution etc. The activities gave measurable results: 200 employees attended the full version “Road Safety training”; 160 employees attended the “Road Safety interactive session” conducted in cooperation with Road Safety Institute; 340 employees participated in the “It’s Just an Illusion” interactive video game; 92% of the participants stated that they will put in practice the knowledge acquired about Road Safety by differentiating their daily driving behaviour; and 95% of the participants believed that the activities were useful and innovative.


Meanwhile, Brau Union Austria operates the Heineken Cool@Work program company alcohol policy, which includes implementing guidelines for the correct handling of employees affected by alcohol misuse and operating strict compliance with drink drive laws. In May 2013, the alcohol policy was revised with stricter rules so that anyone who is convicted of drinking and driving (no matter if his or her driving was private or job-related) can face more serious consequences to the point of losing their job.

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