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In many countries the brewers use their support for, and presence at events, including in the nightlife and at summer festivals, to also roll out campaigns against drink driving. These may take the form of responsibility messages but also include direct engagement on the ground with NGOs and interactive activities that enable consumers to return safely, with a designated driver or utilising alternative forms of transport that do not involve taking the wheel after drinking.

Festivals and shows


The Carlsberg company sponsors a number of music festival across Europe with its different brands and uses this opportunity to also promote responsible drinking, including the message against drink driving. Since these festivals attract large numbers of young adults, they thus also allow the opportunity to target the largest category of the population responsible for drink driving fatalities, namely young and novice drivers. In Bulgaria in 2015, Tuborg presented the “Don’t drink and drive” initiative at Summer Chaos Festival in Burgas on 16 June (13,000 attendees) and Color Festival in Sofia on 20 June (2,000 attendees). At Kavarna Rock on 26-28 June, 9,900 “Don’t drink and drive” flyers and badges were handed out by hostesses to those guests correctly guessing the Tuborg message against drink driving.


In Poland Carlsberg employee volunteers distributed “Drink responsibly” wristbands and “I never drive after drinking” car stickers at summer festivals in 2015, including the Vikings Festival on Wolin Island. One thousand bracelets and stickers were distributed at the Ekonomalia festival. Whilst at the Wroclawski Festiwal Dobrego Piwa and Coolturalny Festiwal Piwa wodzi roll-ups were set up and leaflets, pendants, stickers and drivers club business cards were distributed. Additionally alcogoggles were used to give the sense of being under the influence. Overall the festivals attracted 50,000 guests.


In Italy, during the 2015 World Expo in Milan, Carlsberg Italy organised an interactive activity for all participants focused on the message against drunk driving. The activity included participants wearing special goggles, which mimic the feeling of intoxication, where they had to complete simple tasks such as walking along a straight line. The idea was to show participants how alcohol affects their ability to complete even the simplest tasks as a deterrent against drunk driving.

Festivals and shows  Festivals and shows  Festivals and shows


A campaign of Carlsberg Croatia against drinking and driving targeted at festival and concert audiences includes an annual activity at the Tuborg Green Beat festival where tickets for the event double as tickets for free public transport sponsored by the company. In 2012, free public transport was also provided for a Red Hot Chili Peppers concert in Zagreb and during the 10-day Špancirfest in Varaždin and a special bus decorated with the responsible drinking message provided transport for festival goers. In August 2014, at ‘Spancirfest’, which is sponsored by the local brand Pan, a bus was organised to take the visitors from one festival venue to another. Besides the bus, there were hostesses who were “patrolling” through the city, measuring the blood alcohol level amongst the visitors. Every visitor with alcohol in the blood was informed about the Pan bus and directed to use it. In winter 2014, the campaign was associated with the company’s sponsorship of the hockey club Medvescak, where two oversized “hockey players” appeared on the ice and in the stands before and during the game, getting photographed and offering blood alcohol level testing. In 2015, the two hockey players moved through the city centre on roller skates measuring alcohol levels among citizens of Zagreb. Additionally, in August 2015, the campaign continued at ‘Spancirfest’, where a stand on purpose incorrectly printed the headline “Svueniri” (Svueonirs instead of Souvenirs – perception of a drunk person) which drew the audience’s attention. Hostesses also gave away blurred postcards of Varaždin, the festival venue, with coupons for a free taxi ride home, once again pointing out the importance of responsible drinking.

Festivals and shows  Festivals and shows  Festivals and shows


In France in 2013 Brasseries Kronenbourg ran a partnership with some of the largest music festivals to communicate facts and encourage responsible drinking. Festivals included Francofolies de La Rochelle, Printemps de Bourges, Vieilles Charrues in Carhaix, Garorock in Marmande and Rock-en-Seine in Saint-Cloud. At the Festival Sonisphère in Amnéville, the company provided a shuttle service which ran from midnight to 3am between the festival site and the railway station. The company also established partnerships with student organisations through which responsible drinking toolkits are distributed to young adults at music events and student parties as part of the company’s overall program to raise awareness about responsible drinking. The toolkits contain a breathalyser,a bracelet to identify the “captain” (the person who does not drink during the party) and a flyer on responsible drinking. In addition the captain is offered unlimited soft drinks. In 2013, an event organiser charter (student parties) was launched. This defines rules and commitments that the organiser must sign and respect. This charter includes 11 commitments. The organiser must sign this charter to receive the toolkit.


A Belgian version of the Heineken “Know the Signs” campaign was undertaken in collaboration with the Province of Limburg in the summer of 2013, when teams visited festivals to spread the “Drink moderately & Don´t drink and drive” messages to people aged 18 to 40. Heineken attended different festivals throughout the festival season of 2014 – Couleur Café (Brussels), Genk on Stage, Rock Zottegem, Blues Peer, Woosha (Ostend), Boomtown (Ghent Festivities), Dranouter, Antillean festivals (Hoogstraten), Pukkelpop (Hasselt), Party in the Park (Oudenaarde), Scene sur Sambre (Thuin), Crammerock (Stekene), Fête de Wallonie (Andenne) and the Student Kick Offs in Antwerp, Ghent, Hasselt, Brussels and Louvain-la-Neuve.

Know the Signs  Know the Signs



The European Night Without Accidents is a pan-European initiative about road safety organised each year in nightclubs all over Europe on the 3rd Saturday of October, supported by the Belgian NGO Responsible Young Drivers. At its local level activation, brewers in a number of countries support the local NGOs as partners in the roll out. In Belgium both ABInBev and Alken Maes have supported activities of the Responsible Young Drivers.

European Night Without Accidents


Whilst, the Cyprus Brewers Association, as signatory to the European Road Safety Charter, since 2013 has been co-organiser of the Cyprus roll-out of the European Night without Accidents initiative. The roll-out is done in partnership with the NGO Reaction Youth for the Prevention, with the cooperation of the Traffic Department and the Road Safety Council. At the entrance of the nightclubs volunteers encouraged each group to choose a “designated driver”, who agreed to make a promise: commit to be sober when behind the wheel of the vehicle. The volunteers asked the clubbers who wished to participate to wear a bracelet to be recognisable. When the “designated drivers” left the nightclub, they underwent a breath test to check if they had honoured their commitment. If under the legal limit, the “designated drivers” were rewarded with small presents offered by the sponsors. If this was not the case, the person was encouraged to leave his/her car behind or to hand the keys to a friend who had not drunk any alcohol. The 2015 edition was a very successful event with over a 1000 people reached and more than 10% of the Association members’ employees participated as volunteers.


The Croatian Brewers also support the European Night Without Accidents, with the initiative taking place in 10 nightclubs across the Croatia in October 2015.

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