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Driver training and partnerships with driving schools

Whilst brewers are united in their support of initiatives against drink driving they are not always best placed to deliver the messages and implement parts of the campaigns. That is why, for example, brewers have teamed up with driving schools, who have a direct contact to young and novice drivers and the maximum credibility as messengers. Driving schools can also ensure that the laws and messages around drink driving are delivered as part of the overall driving education, ensuring these be understood at the stage when driving habits are developed.

Supporting driving schools in delivering the messages against drink driving


In Germany, “Bier Bewusst Geniessen” (“Savour Beer Responsibly”) is a long-running umbrella campaign of the Deutscher Brauer-Bund that includes a program to deter driving, especially amongst young people. The website www.ddad.de is targeted mostly at young drivers and provides, among others, key statistics and information, interactive games and a contact forum whereby young people are also encouraged to create ‘party patrols’ that inform others about the consequences of drink driving. The campaign was renewed in May 2014 by addressing apprentices in professional schools who are being taught in so called DDAD Academy-Courses.

partnerships with driving schools  partnerships with driving schools


Also in Germany, “Geklärt, wer fährt!” is a designated-driver program of AB Inbev which uses a peer education approach of addressing and training of the target group by other young adults. The campaign encourages young drivers between 18 and 25 years old to commit to a zero drink-drive limit and take on the role of a responsible driver. The young drivers are trained by the German Automobile Association (ADAC). In 2013, the company also integrated the message of “Geklärt, wer fährt!” into the brewery tours script, so every visitor is reminded not to drink and drive, and also a new homepage was introduced.

Supporting driving schools  Supporting driving schools


In Croatia, Karlovacka Pivovara, under the auspices of the Ministry of Interior Affairs as part of the National Road Traffic Safety Program, set up a partnership with the Croatian Driving Schools’ Association, which covers over a hundred, or one third of all, driving schools in the country. The initiative, which was launched at a press conference in February 2012, involved co-developing advice and support for future drivers within both the theoretical and practical parts of driving lessons. The key messages were: “Don’t drink and drive”, “drinking and driving is unacceptable” and “think about the consequences”. New driving exercises required students to wear goggles, provided by the company, which simulated driving under the influence of alcohol. During the exercise, under the watchful eye of their instructors, students tested driving in a safe environment, at extremely slow speeds while wearing the goggles that impaired and reduced their field of vision. The goal was for students to remember this experience once they were qualified drivers. To measure the success of the initiative, instructors and students at all participating driving schools were asked to complete evaluation forms. The results revealed that 90 per cent of the Association of Croatian Driving Schools has conducted theoretical and practical education on ‘Don’t Drink and Drive’, reaching 6,154 students. Amongst the students, 98 per cent agreed that the ‘Don’t Drink and Drive’ education was useful, 97 per cent felt that the alco-goggles improved their understanding of the dangers and 96 per cent believed that it would stop them from driving if they had consumed alcohol.

partnership with the Croatian Driving Schools  partnership with the Croatian Driving Schools  partnership with the Croatian Driving Schools

Utilising alco-goggles and simulators to increase awareness of alcohol’s impact

The ‘alcohol is a bad driver’ (http://www.alcoholbaddriver.bg) campaign supported by Kamenitza AD, a signatory of the European Road Safety Charter, focuses on responsible alcohol consumption and responsible behaviour by drivers – primarily active drivers (24-45 years old) and novice drivers. Its main objectives are to inform about the risks of driving under the influence of alcohol, to generate public interest and engagement in the topic, to help create a new culture on the road and, thus, contribute to reducing fatalities due to alcohol consumption. Over the years the campaign has utilized a variety of communication channels to convey its messages to as wide an audience as possible across the country. It has also received support and patronage from the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister for Interior (traffic police), the Embassy of the Kingdom of Belgium, non-government institutions, corporate and media partners, representatives of the Executive Agency “Automobile Administration”, the Union of Bulgarian Automobilists and other institutions.

It employs innovative, interactive and persuasive methods of communication with the audience, in order to achieve long-term sustainable results. These include driving simulators, interactive games and the so-called “alcohol” glasses. The main activities of the campaign in the past years have been tests with “alcohol” glasses which simulate the presence of different levels of blood-alcohol content, ranging from 0.4 to 1.7 promills. The campaign has utilised a variety of communication channels to convey its messages to as wide an audience as possible across the country including, but not limited to, partnerships with national media, non-traditional media, social networks (Facebook) and information materials.

alcohol is a bad driver  alcohol is a bad driver  alcohol is a bad driver


In 2012 alco-goggle tests were held in 6 of the biggest Bulgarian cities, where some participants had the opportunity to wear the goggles in a vehicle driven by a professional rally driver. That year alone there were 250,000 unique visits to the official Facebook page of the campaign and, since 2012, the campaign key message is also displayed on non-alcoholic beer. The campaign was awarded 1st place in 2012 in the “Annual awards for road safety” in the category “Initiatives organized by companies” and, in 2013, it won second place in the 10th Annual Responsible Business Awards, organised by Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum, in category “Investor in Society”. Launching the initiative in October 2015 Kamenitza AD announced the donation of 25 pairs of alcohol goggles to Bulgarian Red Cross, which will contribute to educating newbie drivers on the risks of driving under the influence of alcohol. As a part of the campaign during 2015 more than 100 out of home locations were branded with the campaign message “Be a super driver. Super power is leaving your car if you’ve had alcohol” and more than 15 locations in Sofia were branded with stencils.


In the summer of 2012 the Italian Brewers (Assobirra) also launched their latest initiative under the http://www.beviresponsabile.it umbrella, following on from “Diglielo tu”, “O bevi o guidi” and “Se aspetti un bambino l’alcol può attendere”. “Movida alternativa” addressed young adults on the subjects of both binge drinking and drink driving.In cooperation with local authorities the initiative toured Italy, visiting the nightlife centres of Milan and Florence with an information corner, drink drive simulator and alco-goggles. In 2013, the campaign was then rebranded “Take charge of your life. Either you drink or you drive Experience Tour 2013”. Aiming to raise young people’s awareness through a fun, experience-based approach, it provided a first-hand glimpse of the consequences of alcohol abuse and relaunched the message “If you’re drinking, don’t take the wheel. If you’ve had a drink, let someone else drive”. The campaign spread its message on a nationwide tour of Italy that covered 1800 km during two months (June and September), with 7 events in the squares of 7 major Italian cities (Turin, Verona, Genoa, Rimini, Rome, Salerno and Lecce) and the sponsorship of host cities. A branded truck and a task force of 7 young people engaged visitors with an interactive experience consisting of ability tests with 3-D goggles and a safe driving simulator that provides a fun yet enlightening experience on the risks of driving under the influence of alcohol. The campaign was chosen by the Ministry of Health among those worthy of using the logo of the Italian government’s interdepartmental “Gaining health” plan. It was also prepared in association with Media Friends (the non-profit organization of R.T.I S.p.A., Mondadori S.p.A. and Medusa S.p.A.) which, in association with AssoBirra, decided to prepare a TV spot to contribute to promoting the Tour and to further spread the message. The spot, starring Matteo Viviani, a famous TV personality who is very popular among young people, was aired for free on Mediaset channels during the campaign. The campaign’s message was also promoted by the ACI/SARA Safe Driving Centre in Vallelunga, which provided a free package of safe driving courses for the tour’s participants.

O bevi o guidi  O bevi o guidi  O bevi o guidi


Heineken Italia also supported the Assobirra campaign in 2013 with an initiative to promote knowledge of the Milan night bus system, as a safe and sustainable service for moving around the city, in the areas of Movida. The initiative seeks to encourage sustainable urban mobility and reduce drinking and driving. As part of the initiative, Heineken Italia distributed 80,000 maps with night bus information, and launched a website (www.goodmorningmilano.it) with a photo gallery of pictures taken from sunset to sunrise by the customers. The campaign delivers responsible consumption and sustainability messages together, and fosters better relations with institutions and NGOs. It was carried out in partnership with Azienda Trasporti Milanesi (ATM), the city’s public transportation company. The Comune di Milano (the municipality of Milan) and the Councillor for Mobility and Environment were directly involved in the project and took a proactive role at the launch press conference. Movimento Consumatori, a consumer association with a special expertise in people involvement and social communication, helped the company deliver the maps and explain the project to the locals. It took place for five consecutive weekends and concentrated on the nightlife zone (Corso Como, Navigli, Sempione, Porta Romana/Colonne di San Lorenzo), inside Heineken bars, on the street, at ATM bus stops and outside metro stations. From 31st May to 7th July, 62,350 maps were delivered and the website www.goodmorningmilano.it traffic was as follows: 52 photos uploaded; 1.247 unique visitors; 6,835 pages viewed; and an average duration of visit equal to 2′ 35”.

goodmorningmilano.it  goodmorningmilano.it


In Slovakia, Heineken also partnered in 2012 with the Slovak Auto Tourist Club to target young drivers aged 18-25, using ‘alco-goggles’ and a crash simulator, including through campaign activities at high schools and universities in the Bratislava region.

alco-goggles  alco-goggles

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