Alcohol and Pregnancy

Campaign with national association of obstetricians and gynecologists

The first major initiative promoted in Europe by the drinks industry on the issue of alcohol and pregnancy took place in Italy. Suggested by Assobirra its aim was to inform medical professionals (gynaecologists and obstetricians) and women of child-bearing age (age 18-45) of foetal alcohol-related syndromes (FAE, FAS, FASD) and how to prevent them. It was carried out in partnership with SIGO, the most representative association of medical professionals from the obstetric and gynaecological sector in Italy.

In 2012, the second online campaign was carried out and included restyling and updating the websites and together with a new tool for someone to learn immediately if they have gone over a responsible threshold. A viral video was produced with support from female supporters (celebrities, bloggers, and MPs), accompanied by web promotion (buzz marketing, Google or FB Ads), a press conference and further media activity.

In 2015, the third online campaign ran from 8 to 31 July and included a new visual of the campaign and further updating of It included a video message with a special testimonial from the actress and mum Francesca Cavallin and a media partnership with, one of the most important women’s online magazines in Italy (with 6 mil UUM), which had a dedicated section where Prof. Enrico Vizza – SIGO Secretary and Director of Oncology Dept at the National Institute «Regina Elena» – answered all of the mothers’ or future mothers’ doubts. SIGO also issued a call to action for all gynecologists in order for them to share awareness among their patients and alert them to this important topic, whilst there was again a press conference and further media activity.

gynaecologists and obstetricians  gynaecologists and obstetricians  gynaecologists and obstetricians


The Spanish brewers association, Cerveceros de España, has also been funding and supporting a campaign and leaflet for pregnant women in partnership with the Spanish Society of Gynecology and Obstetrics (SEGO) and with the support of the Ministry of Health. The campaign has two targets: (i) pregnant and breast-feeding women, and (ii) gynaecologists and obstetricians. The material helps to raise awareness about the message that drinking and pregnancy are totally incompatible. The leaflet was written by SEGO and launched in a presentation at the National SEGO Congress in Barcelona with an audience of 700 doctors. Posters depicting the message “Porque el bebe lo que tú bebes” (“Because they drink what you drink”) and leaflets were also provided to hospitals and clinics. Since 2007, over 500,000 leaflets have been distributed in Spain to women in clinics and hospitals. All members of SEGO (around 6300 national partners) have also received information and materials on the properties of non-alcoholic beer as an alternative to traditional beer during pregnancy, emphasising the dangers of drinking in this period.

gynaecologists and obstetricians

In 2012 the Spanish Brewers worked on investigating new ways to transmit the message, in this case, through the Spanish Society of Midwives. After several meetings, an agreement was signed by the two parties with the following objectives: Development of information materials on beer and breastfeeding, to be presented to the public; Participation in activities to promote accurate information about nutritional guidelines for women who are breastfeeding and food choices for a prudent diet and healthy lifestyle, and; informing, educating and guiding on the incompatibility of alcohol consumption with this period in life and the option to include in the diet non-alcoholic beer. In 2012 the message “Su alimentación depende de ti. Durante la lactancia, bebe SIN” (“His food depends on you. During lactation, drink non-alcoholic beer”) was sent out with the help of the Spanish Association of Midwives. Presentations also took place in three congresses of the Spanish Association of Midwives and in several hospitals, with presentations directed to pregnant and breast-feeding women and including a practical workshop about tips for healthy nutrition.

gynaecologists and obstetricians

In 2013, a competition through Facebook was organised where pregnant women could win baby products and a pack of non-alcoholic beers. The campaign was also presented in 2013 at the 32nd National Congress of SEGO. The materials of the campaign were presented through media on three separate occasions in 2013, whilst presentations were also made to the 16th and 17th Congresses of the Spanish Association of Midwives, in 2013 and 2014. An Open House was organised in 2014 at the Gomez Ulla hospital.


Another campaign, in France, is supported through Entreprise & Pevention, supported by French brewers, to promote dialogue between women and their medical practitioners about the risks associated with alcohol consumption during pregnancy. Having been piloted in the city of Le Havre, Normandy, the results from the evaluation were used to roll out the campaign at national level together with the National College of French Gynaecologists and Obstetricians (CNGOF). It aims to facilitate dialogue between physicians and their patients on the basis of a simple recommendation: “zero drinking during pregnancy”. It uses; leaflets and posters for waiting-rooms entitled “Can I have a drink to his health?”; a guide for medical staff entitled “Alcohol and pregnancy, let’s talk about it?”; and information on the website. Kits (leaflet, poster and guide) are circulated to gynaecologists and obstetricians and midwives by CNGOF networks, these tools being made available to all health professionals via the website. By December 2014, 95,000 kits (leaflet, poster and guide) had been distributed.

gynaecologists and obstetricians

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