Alcohol and Pregnancy

Campaigns with NGOs and medical specialists addressing alcohol and pregnancy

The Polish brewers association, Browary Polskie support an education program to promote awareness of Foetal Alcohol Syndrome and fundraise for the NGO “Fastryga”. Most activities are conducted online via social media but hard-copy educational materials are also provided to attendees of childbirth classes. The program was developed in association with the NGO-Fastryga, Doctors, FAS experts and midwives. In 2013 activities included: A press briefing under the patronage of “The Parliamentary Women’s Group”, in partnership with the NGO Fastryga; Distribution of guides for parents with an educational bookmark bearing the pregnancy responsible drinking message (RDM); Internet initiatives – a special application on, posts on the Facebook profiles of brands and A subpage was also included on the Polish version of for ordering educational materials (posters, leaflets).

Foetal Alcohol Syndrome and fundraise for the NGO


Other activities since the launch of the campaign include: Cooperation with the Polish Gynaecological Society to produce a position on risks associated with alcohol consumption by pregnant women (FAS), which was sent to the entire community (over 4,000 gynecologists in Poland) as a newsletter; The “I don’t drink during pregnancy” message was placed in more than 200,000 materials targeted to pregnant women and distributed in 1,900 consulting-rooms and 1,600 ante-natal Classes in Poland; More than 11,000 votes of support for the slogan “I don’t drink during pregnancy” were posted on the web application (; The Union of the Brewing Industry Employers in Poland (ZPPP) participated in a session of the Sejm (the lower house of the Polish parliament) dedicated to FAS on 9 September 2014; and over 16,000 internet users took part in the fundraising and educational activity based on the Facebook application.

Foetal Alcohol Syndrome and fundraise for the NGO  Foetal Alcohol Syndrome and fundraise for the NGO

Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic Plensky Prazdroj engaged with experts from Sananim NGO and other independent experts (doctors) and launched a communication campaign which started on FAS Awareness Day on 9 September 2015 and continued until the end of 2015. The aim of the project 9 months 0 promile is to increase public awareness about FAS and the alcohol and pregnancy topic. Before the media launch an independent public survey was initiated about FAS in the Czech Republic. There were 243 interactions with people on Facebook and 429 unique visitors searching for information about FAS or alcohol and pregnancy.


In 2013 Pivovary Topvar set up ‘Pink Bazaar’ in Slovakia, a unique method to connect different target groups and partners and create a special opportunity to address women and the public at large on the issue of Foetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS). It consisted of a collection of celebrity vintage and designer clothes on sale at a reasonable price at a vintage market. From the beginning of the campaign it was made clear that all proceeds would be donated to the Peter Dvorsky Foundation, an NGO which deals with FAS syndrome prevention. Topvar also launched a new alcohol calculator application for women, with detailed information about foetal alcohol syndrome and the effects of alcohol on women. The launch of the app was followed by a seminar involving general doctors and officers from the public health authority. The events have been supported by a series of public speeches on the harmful effects of excessive drinking, addictions, FAS syndrome etc.

Foetal Alcohol Syndrome and fundraise for the NGO


In 2013 Dreher in Hungary supported the setting up of the alcohol and pregnancy forum which aims to initiate meaningful discussion about pregnancy, maternity and alcohol with opinion-formers, practicing experts of NGOs, representatives of government institutions and media, in order to raise the consciousness of young people, and future parents about the importance of responsible drinking. It provided a good starting point for the organisations for future professional and technical exchange of thoughts and long-term co-operation in creating a culture of responsible alcohol consumption.


“Find Your Balance” was an awareness campaign of Ursus in 2013 in Romania to consolidate responsible behaviour concerning alcohol consumption during pregnancy. This was backed up by the “Despre Alcool”, “About Alcohol” website and was timed to coincide with the occasion of the new labels on Redd’s beer. The message was spread by presenting the negative effects of alcohol on the foetus through an integrated campaign online and offline, for Mass-Media & Consumers. It was endorsed by a healthcare specialist in obstetrics and gynaecology – Dr. Alina Ursuleanu. Elements of the program included: A partnership with Regina Maria clinics – one of the most important private clinics in Romania – to create a booklet for informed and responsible mothers, which was distributed at national level and available near all their gynaecology departments; A one month special project with copilul. ro ( to publish four branded articles (1/week) with tips for pregnant women, health recommendations and scientific arguments why alcohol should not be consumed during pregnancy; A contest for future mothers carried out in partnership with a big online community for pregnant women, challenging them to test their level of knowledge regarding risks associated with alcohol during pregnancy, with the most informed responses, helped by hints on the website, rewarded with vouchers for baby products; and participation in a future mothers seminar part of Supermoms for Superbabies event, where Dr. Alina Ursuleanu presented the risks of drinking alcohol for the foetus and how they can be prevented and all participants received the booklet.


In the Netherlands, “Leef & Geniet”, (“Live & Enjoy”) is a magazine developed in a partnership between Heineken and Bouman GGZ on living and enjoying in a responsible way. Examples of topics in the magazine are: adolescents and alcohol (and how to handle this issue as a parent); and pregnancy and food. The magazine was distributed in waiting rooms of GP’s and a hospital. The edition published in early 2014 focused on the issue of alcohol and pregnancy. Prior research conducted by the partner had demonstrated that many women were insufficiently informed on the effects of alcohol consumption on the unborn child.

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